The Original Viking Walk



About The Original Viking Walk – join us on a short tour of York, with Sigwulf. Part history, part legend, all enthralling!

Take a tour of York and hear about the city’s Anglo-Scandinavian & Norman past as we take in various sites along the way. Many people know that the Vikings had a big influence on York but very few realise just how big an influence. Join Sigwulf on a tour of the ancient Capital of the North and hear about the deeds of Ivar the Boneless, Eirik Bloodaxe, and Harald Hardaraada. Learn how the streets got their names and what they mean; discover how those pesky Pagans shaped the Christian church; and wonder how those naughty Normans ever survived in the north in spite of themselves. An alternative walking tour to the myriad popular Ghost Walks of York. Over 200 years of history in 75 minutes!